Online Dating Tips: How to Have a Fun and Entertaining Date on the Internet

Do you “hang out” with other online friends and enjoy their company with your date or do you get alone for some private time together? Will he like the font and color you are wearing? Will she like the size of your font?

Online dating can be fun! There are so many advantages to dating online. If you are money conscious (and who isn’t these days?), you can get to know a person before spending money on a date or dates that might not work out. You can be yourself and if someone doesn’t like you or they don’t appeal to you, both can move on to greener computers.

But what’s a couple to do for a date online? After all, it’s just chatting. There is no physical contact, no looking into their eyes, no laying under the stars, no sitting in a theater watching Tarzan swing through the jungle on a wild mission to save Jane from the crazed monkeys gone ape. It’s just you and your date, two computers, and fingers typing, hoping for a romantic hookup that will reach through the monitors and into real life.

If you are not ready to be alone with someone or just want to talk with others, hanging with friends in a chat room is not only fun, it helps keep the conversation moving. This is ideal not only for first dates, but for those who are comfortable with each other and just want to be around others. Another advantage to chatting with others is that you have the opportunity to potentially pick up on others that might be interested in you, given the chance that the date you are with doesn’t work out. Being with others is also “safer”, in the sense that when with others, a person is more likely to not get too personal in talking with their date.

Getting alone with your date opens up a lot of possibilities. You can talk alone in a private room or instant message each other. This leaves the field wide open for what to do and how to spend your time together. You can both listen to shared music, watch a DVD that you both have a copy of, watch an online movie together, or just talk while sitting quietly with the lights turned off as you chat by the lights of the monitor. Talking alone can be fun, romantic, and peaceful, but it can also lead to very personal talk. Be prepared ahead of time on how you will handle things if it gets to that point. Know what you want, how far you are willing to go or not go, and hold to that conviction.

One of the most awkward things in the world is being alone with someone and neither are talking or know what to say. While silence is just fine and even cool around someone you really know well and words aren’t needed, silence can be horrible when you are with someone that you don’t know too well. To prevent the awkwardness from occurring on your date, it’s helpful to have a list of things to talk about. Don’t ask yes or no type questions, but rather questions that require a more in depth answer to.

Online dating can be fun and entertaining for both of you.