How to Land a Steady Girlfriend in Three Days: Serial Dating Your Way to a Fulfilling Relationship

Being a single man is a wonderful way to live; doing single guy stuff without having to compromise with a headstrong partner. The downfall of living the single life is being single when when it’s not practical. For example, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for single guys. Here’s how a man can find a steady girlfriend in only three days.

Day One: Scope Out Potential Girlfriends

Upon deciding that a girlfriend is needed, a single man should begin looking in his daily life for potential girlfriends. A man’s best chance for success is to find five potential girlfriends, and if she has never spoken with him previously, it is advantageous to the man; the female won’t have a strong predisposition that is unfavorable of the man. If the girls are within viewing proximity, that’s good, because when girls see a guy talking with other girls at a distance, they will become envious of the other girl, particularly if they find the man attractive.

Day Two: Cleaning Up

Now that a single man has five potential girlfriends in mind, he will need to clean himself up. He should take shower, comb his hair, and wear deodorant. For the best chance of success, the single man should press his pants, even if they’re jeans, and make sure his shirt is pressed and new-looking. Using starch is a good idea, because it will make a shirt look stiff and clean.

It’s not particularly important what type of shirt a man wears, but he should wear what he feels comfortable in. Over dressing or underdressing can make a man feel awkward, which will be reflected in his conversational tone. A man should be sure his clothes are clean and free of stains, excessive fading or pet hair to appear to hygienic and desirable.

Women want a man who’s face is clean, so a single man should not neglect his eyebrows. Although men don’t speak of it, many pluck the hairs between their eyebrows if they have a unibrow; taking care not to compromise their natural shape. When a man has bushy eyebrows, he will trim them with scissors or an electric trimmer. In addition, he will trim his nose hairs, and attempt to eliminate anything that a girl might find unattractive.

Many teenage males don’t realize that they can conceal acne with makeup in extreme cases. Again, this isn’t something they tell their friends. It’s unnoticeable so long as it’s done conservatively with discretion.

Getting a Potential Girlfriend’s Phone Number

When a man is clean, he will have greater confidence and a better chance at landing a phone number from a girl. With five potential dates in mind, he will go about his everyday life, and implement a strategy.

The best way to land a date is to appear to be liked. Girls won’t want to date a single man who appears to be disliked by others, because women consider a boyfriend as a type of accessory, complimenting their own social appearance. Where the first potential date can clearly see the man, he should spark up a conversation with an acquaintance; it could be a guy or a girl.

After he has spoken with the acquaintance for at least a few minutes, he will find a reason to talk to the girl he wants to date. Men should avoid asking dumb questions while finding relevant topics to talk about. He should watch for signs that she likes him, such as a smile, a touch, or a punch – anything that might convey her feelings. On the first good note, he should ask for her number. Chances are she will at least give him a fake one.

Next the single man will repeat this process with the other potential dates. If all goes well, he will land at least two phone numbers. The best places for a single man to look for girls are in his everyday life – not in bars or parties. It’s important that a man not approach girls when they are talking to their friends – as they are easier to talk to when they are bored and lonely.

Day Three: Serial Dating

A single man will pick the girl that he likes the most and call her in the evening time. He will attempt to find things in common with her, and after fifteen minutes he should ask her out. He should take her somewhere where they can talk and get to know each other – not to a movie or concert. Restaurants are good places for a first date, because they let couples get to know one another.

Even if a man lands a date with the first girl, he should call the other girls and set up dates. This will give him the best chance of success. Taking all the girls out to restaurants could get expensive, so he might ask them if they want to go star gazing or go for a walk in the park as a first date.

Play the Numbers Game

A man should continue dating all the girls at the same time, because this will give him the best chance at a long-term relationship. Most pretty girls aren’t looking for a boyfriend, so the best thing to do is play the numbers game. Usually on a first date people state their intentions. For instance, people usually mention what type of person they are looking for and what kind of relationship they want to be in. This will help qualify a date as a potential girlfriend.

It’s Not Easy

If man uses this process, he will surely land a steady girlfriend. One thing to remember is that all guys inevitably get rejected and it hurts. A single man has to suck it up and keep trying. Also, he shouldn’t get stuck on girls who are mean to him. It’s not all about looks either. If a guy has a nice personality, it will do a lot more for him than looks.