How to Have a Good Date: Going on a Successful Date

It is important to keep an open mind. The date might not look like a dream boat or there might be more than meets the eye. Perhaps it is not love at first sight, but there are many other things that can make someone a good match even if looks or the initial meet is not ideal.

Do keep an open mind so that other qualities might emerge that could be appealing. Though first reactions are often telling, there are so many different characteristics that make a good match so an open heart and mind is a smart approach.

Find Something Fun to Do

Sometimes a formal dining experience can ruin a first date. Not knowing a person, a stuffy atmosphere or a place that requires particular taste could destroy what would otherwise be a change to meet someone real. Make sure to plan something casual and fun for the first date so that both parties can ease into getting to know one another without the pressure of sitting across one another at a quiet restaurant with three forks and unpronounceable items on the menu.

Finding something fun to do that could promote laughter and light-heartedness is a smart way to get to know someone – and have fun while doing it!

Try Something New

Go someplace new for the first date. Going to a place visited before might produce mixed feelings and cloud a date’s judgement for the present situation. Trying some place new can help create a new aura and can lead to a more open mind about the date.

Aside from helping to create a sense of new to aid in decision-making about whether a second date is of interest, trying somewhere new for the first date is a good way to experience things that might be on a person’s list of desired activities in general and enjoying these new ventures via dating is a good way to find a more diverse existence at large.

Don’t Compare

Probably one of the hardest things to do on a date is to approach it with a new vision and not to compare that person to other dates in the past or present. Every person is different and should be met with an understanding that no two people are alike. Compare dates with personal preferences and one’s own list of compatibility but not against other people. Does this person match the traits most desirable to the ideal match? Does this date have compatible qualities?

A Second Date?

Don’t force a second date if it doesn’t feel like the natural thing to do. Although, if there is uncertainty about whether the first date went well enough to warrant a second, it might be worth pursuing further to find out. A second date is a good way to rule the person in or out for certain. A first date can often be tainted by nervousness and can produce false impressions.

A second date is a good chance to move on from the basics of getting to know someone and an opportunity to really get a feel for the type of person the date really is. A second date will certainly make clear whether this is a someone who should be a part of one’s life.

Following these loose rules can make all the difference between a disappointing even or a dead-end date and finding someone to really connect with. One never knows where something new might lead.