How to Handle Set Ups From Friends: When Your Pals Have the Perfect Someone For You to Meet

Having friends introduce you to their single acquaintances is a great way to meet someone new. But if things don’t click it can also be awkward. What’s the best way to proceed so you have fun and don’t disappoint your friend?

Be Open to It

  • Some singles hate the idea of set ups, but really, your friend is just trying to do you a favor. Besides that, what have you got to lose? Sure, you probably want to stay at home and watch American Idol or get caught up on laundry – but a few hours away will more than do you a world of good. So thank your friend and give it a try.

Develop a Date Strategy

  • Blind dates don’t have to be any worse than online dates you haven’t met yet. They can seem longer, because in addition to finding out if you might be compatible, you are also trying not to let your friend down if things don’t work out. Work your blind date the same as you would a coffee date. Pick a place you can both easily meet at and leave separately. Let your date know up front you can only stay an hour so neither of you will feel awkward when it’s time to go.

Be Kind and Respectful

  • No matter what happens on your date, remember that this is someone your friend also knows, so if you act poorly with them, you are also being rude to your friend. If your date talks loudly, acts like a goof, or shows up late… take in all in stride. It’s just an hour of your life, after all.

Give Your Friend a Quick Update

  • After your date, call or email your friend to let them know that you met their buddy and had a nice time. Regardless of the outcome, thank your friend for thinking of you. If didn’t have a good time, let your friend know you don’t think it will work out with this person, but if they know of anyone else who might be right for you that you’d be open to it.

Don’t Put Your Friend in the Middle

  • If you do end up seeing the person they’ve set you up with, resist the urge to bring your friend in on disagreements or other issues. Your friend did the kind job of setting you up, but once that’s done they shouldn’t be a factor in your relationship.