How to Get the Girl: Basic Tips on Getting the Woman of Your Dreams

Going out and trying to find that perfect woman can be intimidating. It can feel impossible, almost to the point that “Ms. Right” does not actually exist. Finding that perfect partner is only half the battle. The rest comes down to sheer effort and a willingness to take chances and try new things.

Bold, Not Brash When Approaching Women

A lot has changed throughout the years. The time in which women were seen as docile home keepers is up. They have taken their rightful place in society as dynamic and explosive figures. With this change comes a shift in perspective: More women are looking for a partner that can keep up with them. This means that it is more important now than ever for men to take initiative.

Be brave in approaching women. A smile is a nice way to open the door, but a voice will create a presence that she will remember. The first steps are so typical that they are often over looked. Introduce yourself, speak and listen. Express interests but be aware of time and place. Many men make the mistake of pouring out their hearts within the first few seconds. Still more men get carried away in the environment (parties and clubs), and resort to acting like maniacs just to get attention. A devil-may-care attitude may be intriguing but it will lose its appeal when it starts embarrassing her.

The simple approach is often best for every occasion. Be open, curious and interested. Showing willingness to get to know her will be very attractive.

Be Willing to Laugh and Make her Laugh

Sense of humor is often on top of the list of qualities women want in their men. Unfortunately, what guys think is funny around their friends is not always the same around a woman, so it would be best to leave the bathroom humor behind, at least until an understanding of her own sense of humor is reached. Humor is a powerful quality. It can smooth out the nerves that come with a first date, make her feel comfortable, and can even impress her with the ability to laugh at small, personal mistakes.

The first date can be awkward and humor is perfectly suited for defusing the situation. Laughing is enjoyable, and if a woman knows she can laugh comfortably, she knows she can have fun. The more comfortable she feels, the more open she will be with her emotions. Just have a good sense of humor.

Chivalry is not Dead

Chivalry may seem like an outdated concept. With women becoming increasingly independent, men sometimes get the idea that simple gestures as opening a door for a woman would be offensive. However, women generally want to be treated well, even the most independent ones. Being treated like a lady by a well mannered man is rare, and using a bit of chivalry will make a man stand out amongst the crowd.

There is no need to be too flashy because chivalry is easy. Simple is best: Open the door, pull out the chair, mind your manners, etc. Chivalry is not dead, but the saying can work as an advantage. So few men practice chivalry that, if a man were to apply it to his life, he would immediately stand out. All chivalry takes are small sacrifices here and there, like giving her a jacket if she is cold, or holding her umbrella if it is raining. Chivalry comes down to making her feel like a princess and nothing less.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, no surefire ways for a man to get the woman of his dreams, just ways to make a woman feel special. Being bold, but remembering that there are limits, having a sense of humor and using a bit of chivalry can go a long way. They are not, however, meant for single applications. Relationships are ongoing and require constant work. These ideas cannot only help get the girl, but keep her as well.